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Town Planning and Valuation Department (Government of Gujarat) Town Planning & Valuation Department
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Macro-level planning (Development Plans)
It is experience that any unplanned Activity proves to be aimless and instead of doing any good it may create a lot of problem and lead to chaos. Urban population increases at the rate of 3 to 4% per annum. Hence to accommodate the future population suitably, planning becomes very necessary to make provision for residence, to meet the requirement of transportation and labourers for industrial development in correct direction. Provision for commercial complex to facilitate the industries, provision for roads to ease the traffic and relocation and improvement of slums to ensure hygienic living to ensure systematic development, building regulations also becomes imperative as one of the components of the development plan.
Objectives of the Development Plan:
In accordance with the provisions of the Gujarat Town Planning & Urban Development Act 1976, objectives of the D.P. are:
To plan for residential, commercial and industrial development of newly developed areas in line with the National Policy.
To ensure smooth vehicular traffic by widening the existing roads and making provision for new roads in developed areas.
To provide street lights, water supply, dispensary for public health, parks and gardens in old cities and newly developed areas.
To provide site and requisite amenities for the development of trade and industry.
Maintenance and protection of places of historical and religious importance.
Proper planning of agricultural and wasteland lying idle for longer time and to make it habitable.
To inter-coordinate all the Activities to ensure heath, happiness and comfort.
To check and control haphazard and unauthorized development.
To improve congested and unhygienic localities.
The Development Plans (D.P.s) are prepared in the State as per the provisions of the Gujarat Town Planning & Urban Development Act, 1976. They are prepared by the Appropriate Authorities (Area Development Authority/Urban Development Authority) either constituted or designated for the "development area" declared by the Government under the Act.
The Draft Development Plan is prepared by the Appropriate Authority under Section 9 of the Act and is published under section 13, for inviting objections and suggestions. If any substantial modifications are required in the Draft plan, then these modifications are again published under section 15 for inviting objections and suggestions from the general public. After incorporating those modifications, the Draft development plan is submitted under Section 16 to the State Government for sanction. The State Government either sanction the Draft development plan with or without modification under section 17 or return it to the Appropriate Authority. If the State Government is of the view that substantial modification is required in the Draft development plan submitted by the Appropriate Authority, then the Government publish these modifications in the official gazette, and invite objections and suggestions from the public within the two months time limit, and after considering these objections and suggestions, sanctions the Draft development plan. The final development plan is to be implemented by the Appropriate Authority.
There are five specially constituted Urban Development Authorities for Ahmedabad (AUDA), Surat (SUDA), Vadodara (VUDA), Rajkot (RUDA) and Gandhinagar (GUDA). Also, there are eight specially constituted Area Development Authorities for Jamnagar (JADA), Bhavnagar (BADA), Vadinar (VADA), Bhuj (BHADA), Bhachau (BHADA), Anjar (AADA), Rapar (RADA) and Kevadia (KADA).
In addition, 90 municipalities have been designated as Area Development Authorities under the Act for carrying out the preparation and implementation of development plan. Twenty-Four gram Panchayats have also been designated as Area Development Authorities under the Act. Thus, there are 127 development plans under implementation in the State and other 10 development plans are under preparation.
Planning And Development Policies
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