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Town Planning and Valuation Department (Government of Gujarat) Town Planning & Valuation Department
Government of Gujarat
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Development Plan Details

Disclaimer :

Dear Citizens of the state, please let be known that this website enables your kindselves in providing information regarding Town Planning Schemes (Popularly known as TP Scheme) and Development Planning activity (popularly known as DP) purely for reference and illustration purpose. The information thus being made available, by clicking the link in the table given below, does not constitute an approval from our office. It is a step towards making information available for referential purpose to people at large via website signifying this office's thrust towards adoption of egovernance.
DP Details
Region: Saurashtra District: Amreli
DP Name.: Amreli City: Amreli
DP Area: 5986 Prepared By Authority: Amreli-ADA-Designated
Revised On: 23/09/2001 Revised Since: 19
Date of Constitution of Authority30/01/1978
Principal Development Plan

Sr. No.MilestoneDate
1Last date of sanction11/04/1972
2Date of in-force01/06/1972
3Date for revision of Development Plan
4Resolution for Revision
5Resolution for Preparation
6Submitted u/s 9
7Publish u/s 13
8Publish u/s 15
9Submitted u/s 16
10Publish u/s 17 (a) (i)/(ii) proviso
11Decision u/s 17 (1) (a)
12Record sent to authority24/09/1991


First Revised Development Plan

1Last date of sanction20/08/1991
2Date of in-force24/09/1991
3Date for revision of Development Plan23/09/2001
4Resolution for Revision
5Resolution for Preparation15/10/2008
6Submitted u/s 906/01/2014
7Publish u/s 1306/02/2014
8Publish u/s 1523/02/1989
9Submitted u/s 1605/08/1989
10Publish u/s 17 (a) (i)/(ii) proviso07/11/1990
11Decision u/s 17 (1) (a)
12Record sent to authority24/08/1991