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Town Planning and Valuation Department (Government of Gujarat) Town Planning & Valuation Department
Government of Gujarat
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Urban Planning and Design Cell (UPD CELL)
The Urban Planning and Design Cell (UPD CELL) is meant to be an operational unit supporting the existing technical staff of the ADA and TP & VDas perthe guidance of Chief Town Planner. It is expected to work in tandem with the existing staff with focus on strengthening and enhancing appropriate planning initiatives. The focus of UPD Cell is to enhance the pace of the preparation of development plans and strategies.
The main aim of the UPD Cell is to make regional/development/master plans in effective measures, coordinate with the TP & VD and concerned ADAs. It would also act towards facilitating coordination with various authorities responsible for urban development and study various aspects of urban development across the state as may be deemed crucial by the UDD and CTP. The urban areas and the urban development studies required to be carried out by the cell would be identified and finalized in consultation with the CTP or on demand of any.
The objectives of cell will be project management, co-ordination and technical support for carrying out various planning initiatives across urban areas of Gujarat.Ensuring optimal technical quality in all projects and monitoring project progress in co-ordination with other departments including parastatals.Preparation of reports at various stages for projects,byEngaging and managing external experts as per the need of the projects .Staying abreast with latest developments in the area of expertise and facilitates transfer of relevant information and best practices to TP & VD.
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